Atlas Electrical Construction, Inc.
Nusenda Credit Union
New Administrative Building

4100 Pan American Freeway, N.E.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Architect:                            Joe Slagle Architect

                                             413 Second Street, S.W.

                                             Albuquerque, New Mexico



General Contractor:          Enterprise Builders Corporation

                                             P.O. Box 3987

                                             Albuquerque, New Mexico



Square Footage:                59,781



Description of Work:    

A new four story office building for Nusenda Credit Union.  The property is currently occupied by two existing buildings.  The new building will contain office space, a cafeteria, and a credit union branch.  The project also includes a parking deck.

First Floor - 14,113 Square Feet

Second Floor - 14,868 Square Feet

Third Floor - 15,400 Square Feet

Fourth Floor - 15,400 Square Feet